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January 2017

Miami, United States

One of the world’s premier auto manufacturers has decided to move in the world of sport yachts (at least for one concept boat) – and we’re all better off for it. The new 42′ Lexus Sport Yacht was styled by Lexus designers, engineered by the Toyota Marine Department, and built by Marquis Yachts of Pulaski WI.

“No boat this size has ever had anything resembling the complexity of this yacht,” Josh Delforge, Marquis’ vice president of design told the Robb Report in Miami. “It’s touchscreen everything, so all systems can also be controlled by an iPad. You’d find this same type of system on a custom superyacht.”

Yoshira Yoshihiro Sawa, the head of design at Lexus, pointed to the yacht concept’s design elements that were inspired by Lexus’s LFA supercar . That includes the large, aggressive-looking forefoot, and the way the exterior lines run seamlessly from stern to bow without any sharp edges. “The lines of the boat are never interrupted,” said Sawa to the Robb Report team. “They just flow from one end to the other.”

There are no walkways from the stern to the bow, because those would also ruin the Lexus Sport Yacht’s flowing profile. Instead, there is a panel at the forward end of the saloon and a set of steps that lead to a hatch on the foredeck. The hatch allows a deckhand to aid in anchoring and mooring the yacht. The seats lining the sides of the cockpit can accommodate up to eight  passengers and are shaped like a series of wave tops. Their form is functional. “The shape allows the guests to face each other,” says Sawa. “But when the boat is running, everyone can turn and face forward.” Perfect for enjoying the power and speed of the yacht – but also for having a conversation with your guests when you’re not zipping through the Intracoastal waters.

The cabinetry, paneling, and upholstery were made in Italy and assembled in Wisconsin. The interior lounge features hand-painted glass panels on the walls that are reminiscent of dark gray marble, an etched-glass floor striped in a curvy pattern, and a long, off-white leather couch that can seat eight. And all this is perfectly topped off by a skylight bearing the Lexus logo.

But don’t just listen to us – check out the video and see this beauty for yourself.

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