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Guide To Selling Your Yacht

Selling your yacht easily, quickly, and at the right price demands the kind of expertise that only an experienced yacht broker or agent can offer. As your broker, your yacht will receive the kind of marketing and exposure that means not only can we sell it in a timely fashion, we can make sure that you get the best possible value from your investment.

Our global network of agents and prospective buyers is extensive – and we’ll help you manage the flow of information by ensuring that all enquiries, requests for information and offers come through Y Charter, thus maintaining an expansive but cohesive presence for your yacht listing as well as comprehensive marketing and a streamlined communication process suited to the select individuals and companies we target.

We pride ourselves on our proactive consideration and marketing capabilities that extend throughout the entire process of selling your yacht. First, we collect all the details and create a fully fleshed out marketing plan from your yacht, complete with knowledge shared by the captain and crew as well as your own input, highlighting all aspects of the yachts equipment, performance, and any special features.

Then we share this information with our database of prospective buyers, including current owners and clients who are looking to trade or upgrade as well as hand-selected brokers in our network. And naturally, we engage in advertising and marketing around the world, including within the yachting press, at boat shows and sponsor events, with strategic partners, and throughout our own digital presence.

In fact, our web presence might be our most outstanding marketing tool, reaching a large number of people interested in the yachting industry, and also enabling clients to access full specifications, on-line brochures and all the information they require about the yachts they’re interested in – just check out our listings on this very site!

An experienced yacht broker can help make the sales process go smoothly, save you time and stress, and perhaps most importantly, ensure that you get the most value out of your original investment. If you’re thinking of selling your yacht, contact us to get the process started!




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