Yacht Charters And Luxury Boat Rentals

With so many amazing superyachts based in fantastic cruising areas around the world, how do you even begin to chose? There are many factors that go into determining which yacht is best for you, your guests, and your ideal charter. Here are some of the key ones:

Yacht charters vary hugely in price, so it is important to let your broker know and understand your budgetary limitations from the very beginning. By sharing this info early on, you’ll be able to refine your search more accurately and easily. Don’t forget to factor in fuel and mooring costs.

Consider the location next. Depending your starting point, the time of year you’re looking to charter, and the type of experience you’re looking for, available yachts vary. Sailing conditions, seasonal weather, and where the type of boat you desire is based also need to be taken into account.

Guests And Accomodations
When choosing a holiday home, the number of bedrooms is important, the same applies to choosing a yacht to charter. If you wish to charter with couples, then you may need extra double cabins, if you have lots of family then you’ll require more twin berths. Make sure the style of accommodation on the yacht fits your needs! You’ll also want to choose an interior design that you enjoy – you don’t want to spend a week or more in close quarters in an atmosphere that doesn’t fit your personal aesthetic! Also consider the local licensing laws where you planning to charter – in many destinations, you can have up to twelve on the boat without a special license, but any more than that you’ll need special permissions.

Finally, smaller and newer isn’t always better – the sleeker and more compact updated yachts might not provide the space you are looking for – or if they do, it’s at at a less than ideal cost compared to an older, larger yacht.

When planning a yacht charter holiday, it’s crucial to consider everything you wish to do, whether it be relaxing on a remote beach, having a true desert island experience like a modern day Robinson Crusoe (or pirate) soaking up the sun in luxury, or going island hopping, jet set style. You may choose to charter the Mediterranean waters, visiting the history and culture of bustling cities along the way […] If you’re looking to travel a long distance, considered deciding on a yacht built for long voyages.”

Toys & Travel

Many large boats are moored at anchor, therefore means of transport to and from the yacht are important to consider. Most superyachts have more than one tender, one for carrying people to and from the shore and one for water sports. For guests requiring swifter transportation to and from shore, a helicopter is a fast option and a great way to start your charter in style. However, not all superyachts have helipads, so consider this accordingly in your planning.

An exceptional crew like ours can really bring the whole charter holiday together, providing a personal touch while respecting the privacy and ensuring the pleasure of you and your guests. The level of privacy and interaction is up to guests, so consider your group’s style and vacation personalities. Many ships that accommodate twelve people can also carry twelve crew members.

Fine cuisine is one of the many pluses of superyachts, where on-board dining can compare to that of leading restaurants around the world. Working with Y Charter can ensure that your dining experience is top notch.


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