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Florida Keys

Florida Keys

Leave all your worries behind on the mainland, and discover why the conch strewn beaches and idyllic mindset of the Florida Keys have captured the hearts of so many modern day pirates.

British Virgin Island

British Virgin Islands

A postcard perfect Caribbean archipelago that can only be properly experienced through a voyage in your own private yacht. Secret cays, hidden lagoons, and other natural treasures make the islands an exciting and indulgent destination like no other.


Crystal blue waters, palm trees, miles of white sand beaches, coral reefs filled with exotic fish and wild life, and your own private escape within an escape make these isles the hideaway of your dreams.

Eastern Mediterranean

Eastern Mediterranean

It’s easy to see why the Greek Islands were considered the homes of the ancient gods; today, their astonishingly blue skies, distinctive architecture, and sunsets will take your breath away.

Western Mediterranean

Western Mediterranean

There’s no where else in the world that possesses the history, the culture, the elegance, and the je ne sais quoi of the French Riveria. And the only way to truly understand their allure is via a private yacht charter.


There’s something about the concept of sailing the seas of the Nordic region. The opportunity to follow magnificent paths through the sea that the Vikings and other courageous explorers traveled centuries ago as well as viewing the incredible landscapes and visiting the port cities they discovered which have been built up throughout history into the sophisticated cities that we know today.

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