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For over a decade, Y Charter has offered a new dimension of sophistication to the yachting lifestyle.

Y Charter’s outstanding reputation and years of success are built on an unparalleled commitment to their clients and the yachting industry itself. From yacht charters to management to the sales and marketing of the world’s most desirable luxury vessels, Y Charter offers a complete package of services to the yachting community.

Y Charter’s impressive record of yacht charters, growing sales fleet, and ongoing global expansion are a testament to the company’s honesty, integrity and steadfast promise to deliver the best to its clientele.

As a long time industry veteran, Y Charter owner Yossi Sokol loves what he does and does it best. A self-made man who’s the best kind of (outgoing, social, and exceptionally pleasant) workaholic, Yossi graduated from Yeshiva University with a degree in Finance. His ability to always think ten steps ahead of the game, natural affinity for sales and marketing, and excellent attention to detail positioned him and his company for success.

He began on his journey towards owning a yacht charter company with jet ski rentals; after only a year and a half he upgraded it to yacht charters. From there, he grew Y Charter organically with a four year growth rate of 2,370%, making it into the Inc5000 in 2017. He’s looking forward to growing exponentially with future investment – and is confident he’ll make the most of it because he always gets what he wants regardless of any obstacles in the way.

As part of MYBA, the largest worldwide yachting association, Y Charter is able to broker any yacht listed for charter anywhere in the world for exact price as the company’s competitors. As the industry is strictly regulated, therefore making prices identical for all charter companies, it is really all about connecting with the right charter broker who provides best customer service for your needs. Y Charter is unequivocally excellent at what they do and that is why they have been so successful.

Y Charter’s staff’s extensive experience in all service areas ensures that they can offer complete services performed with unrivaled skill and knowledge, all while accessing the best in the industry and giving its customers tailored advice and support, regardless of their requirements.

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