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Summer 2014 European Yacht Charter Destinations

Where do you want to travel this summer? Summer vacations should be all about both relaxation and exploration - and…

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Where do you want to travel this summer? Summer vacations should be all about both relaxation and exploration – and our charter boat company ( yacht charter company ) can help make both of these things happen for your and your fellow travelers.

The Greek Islands – the combination of remarkably (remarkable)  history and mythological destinations, incredible scenery, and beautiful cerulean blue waters is something that everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime.

Soaking up the sun on islands that are so beautiful they seem to have been created by the mythological gods for their own amusement, and traveling the nearby seas might be the most wonderful way to spend your summer this year.

Scandinavia – the perfect time to head to the northern regions of the world is during the summertime after all (unless you really, really love the cold). The combination of interesting culture, gorgeous mountains, and the beautiful waters of the northern seas make this a wonderful place to spend your summer vacation this year.

Exploring the landscapes and waters of the Nordic world makes for an unforgettable journey – with amazing views, deep blue seas, and soaring mountains along with interesting cities that combine a rich history with some of the most modern innovations and architecture in the world.
South of France – who wouldn’t want to spend at least part of their summer in the South of France? The scenery, the history of the area, the shopping, and the food are reason alone enough to book a voyage and sail the French Riviera.

Plus, you can live the Hollywood life – movie stars, musicians, and other celebrities love to sail in the South of France and explore the various glamorous cities and experience the unique laid-back culture. In addition, there are many incredible historical sites, wonderful local food, and plenty of other adventurous activities both on and off the water that will ensure a voyage to this area is a trip that you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

At the end of the day, travel should be about exploring your dreams and creating amazing memories – and the Y Charter crew would love help (to plan) your summer 2014 travel visions and more.

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Summer 2014 European Yacht Charter Destinations
Planning a summer vacation on a yacht? Here are some of our yacht charter company's favorite destination ports in the Old Country.
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