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Living the Glamorous Life: Celebrities and Their Yachts

From the iconic pictures and videos of Jennifer Lopez on a yacht with Ben Affleck to the many Instagram photos…

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From the iconic pictures and videos of Jennifer Lopez on a yacht with Ben Affleck to the many Instagram photos of Beyonce and Jay-Z cavorting on various boats, there’s definitely a public fascination with celebrities enjoying vacation time on boats. And you can enjoy the glamorous life yourself if you charter a yacht for a day, weekend, a week, or longer – and of course we can help you with that. Fashion designers Dolce and Gabbana are known (and notorious) for their amazing yacht – a 51’ vessel named the Regina d’ Italia. built by Codecasa. It even has water slides!

Hopefully it is available as a charter during their upcoming prison time – hey, we said they were notorious. Yacht vacations can also help promote creativity. For instance, Bono – the wildly successful singer of U2 has a 49 meter yacht called the Cyan – perhaps the ideal spot to relax and work on a new album? Clearly, the music world likes their yachts. The amazingly accomplished musician Eric Clapton owns a 47.8 meter yacht named Va Bene that he bought the yacht after he chartered it in 2005. World class athletes also love their yachts.

Privacy is perhaps the perfect name for a public figure like famous golfer Tiger Woods. 47 meters long and built by Christenson, this might be the perfect escape for the athlete and his new girlfriend. Remarkable actor Johnny Depp has rewarded himself with the Vajoliroga, a 47 meter modern superyacht. A real life pirate of the Caribbean? Of course one of the world’s most accomplished filmmakers of all time would have an amazing yacht. And his boat, the Seven Seas, is an 86 meter yacht created by Oceanco based on a design by the Nuvolari Lenard Design company – and it has an infinity pool with a fifteen glass that can be converted into a movie screen, which is one of the most unique features we have seen yet.

Celebrities also charter yachts for their glamorous vacations as well – as PopSugar’s rundown shows. In fact, fashion designer Roberto Cavalli just recently hosted an elegant, star-studded party on his yacht in the South of France, celebrating the Cannes Film Festival. His eponymous yacht (it takes a certain bravado to name a 133 ft after yourself, after all). What do you think are the most remarkable real life celebrity yacht moments?

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Living the Glamorous Life: Celebrities and Their Yachts
Celebrities and their fabulous yachts - Y Charter Miami Yacht Rentals and more.
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