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Fall Break Visits to the Bahamas

No one really needs any specific reason to visit the Bahamas - it is tropical paradise after all, but a…

Post By jacqueline zenn

No one really needs any specific reason to visit the Bahamas – it is tropical paradise after all, but a fall break vacation might be the perfect time to charter a yacht to the islands.

Parents of students know that fall break is prime time for a family vacation, since they typically have a few days off for a long weekend. And what better way to have a wonderful family than by exploring the islands, snorkeling, jet-skiing, or simply enjoying the luxury of spending time on tropical beaches within the vicinity of your own private yacht.

That is why heading to the Bahamas on a charter yacht from Miami is perhaps the ideal option for a fall break journey – not only is it relatively convenient for most people on the East Coast and in the Southern United States, it is one of the world’s most beautiful destinations. And needless to say, several days or a week in a tropical paradise is perhaps the ideal way to spend fall break – whether you have children who are students or not – there’s no reason not to treat yourself to a uniquely special journey in the fall of 2014 on our charter yachts.

Snorkeling, jet-skiing, and simply relaxing on the boat or beach (with or without a cocktail in hand) is a wonderful escape from reality at any time of the year, especially once it starts to get chilly in the fall. And of course, the sheer luxury of being on an amazing yacht itself is a reason in and of itself to book a yacht charter trip to the Bahamas.
The islands that you can visit during our charter voyages include the options on this wonderful journey:

Day One: a former haven for pirates, Nassau has a distinctive old town area along with several fascinating museums, old but well-preserved forts, and local markets as well as excellent local restaurants where visitors can sample the island specialties, including fresh fish and conch salad, fritters, and more. there’s also an active nightlife scene, with everything from stylish dance clubs to classic dive bars with a beachy ambiance.

Day Two: Paradise island is home to the famous atlantis resort and its fantastic aquarium, which has a las vegas style ambiance that includes a comedy club, a concert series that features world-renowned performers, and “the Dig”, an underwater tour of the supposed atlantis ruins. there’s also an impressive golf course. you may recognize the island from the many movies that were shot there, including several James Bond films.

Day Three: With its white sand beaches, turquoise waters, and amazing coral reefs, Warderick Wells cay is a perfect example of an idyllic Bahamas island. this star of the exumas is capped off by craggy yet scenic mountains and a stunning fortified statue of a sperm whale, simply walking along the beach and soaking in the sun and natural beauty of the sun might be enough – but if it is not, the snorkeling and swimming choices should more than satisfy.

Day Four: the center of a chain of small islands near the Bahamian capital city of Nassau, Staniel cay has less than one hundred full time residents and offers the true getaway that anyone sailing to the Bahamas desires, with plenty of unoccupied beaches and the thunderball Grotto – one of the most spectacular snorkeling spots in the Caribbean, which was even featured in several James Bond films. the candy-colored cottages complete the perfect island picture.

Day Five: a unique destination with the Exumas islands, Compass cay is known for its (relatively) friendly nurse sharks, incredible scenery, and marina that is a haven for a wide variety of fish, making this a perfect spot for both snorkelers and scuba divers to enjoy the local wildlife.

Day Six: Shroud Cay is home to some of the most amazing beaches in the Bahamas’s Exumas cays. located in the northeastern-most corner of the region, starfish dot almost every spot in the sapphire and turquoise blue waters of this uninhabited island. Furthermore, Shroud Cay’s shallow tidal mangrove bay is home to a number of exotic birds, sea turtles, and many types of tropical fish along with the ubiquitous conch and lobster.

Day Seven: At Allan Cay, not only will you likely see at least one rare “Bahamian Dragon” or allan’s cay rock iguana (a protected species), but you will enjoy the spectacular scenery and secluded beaches of this island’s Bahamian National Park, where the only way to visit is via boat. Bring some fruit to the shore to feed these tropical lizards, and enjoy the sort of unspoiled scenery that can only be found in these incomparable islands.

Day Eight: This privately owned island is known worldwide as the gateway to the Exuma islands. Highborne cay has eight secluded beaches within walking distance of its first-class marina, offering the opportunity to discover its amazing scenery and natural beauty with that impression that you’re on your own private island, Robinson Crusoe style (but of course, you’ll have your boat to “rescue” you at the end of the day).

Day Nine: Located just fifty miles east of Nassau, the sweeping pink sand beaches and ancient coral reefs of Eleuthera make this the perfect way to end your trip through the Bahamas. avid surfers will enjoy the opportunity to test their skills on the atlantic waters on the aptly named Surfer’s Beach, while adventurous types can explore the hachet Bay cave and others on the island. the fishing is excellent as well. all in all, Eleuthera is a flawless end to the most impeccably planned trip through the Bahamas you could ever wish for.

There’s no better way to relax, escape from your daily life, and explore the Bahamas than on your own private yacht, surrounded by customized luxury and all the personal touches that make any voyage truly exceptional. Like a modern day pirate, you can leave it all behind and sail to the Bahamas this fall break.

This yacht charter voyage is the ideal combination of idyllic and adventurous – get started with your fall break planning today by contacting and booking with Y Charter.

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Fall Break Yacht Charters in the Bahamas
Planning to charter a yacht for a vacation this fall? Consider cruising through the Bahamas on your own private yacht rental.
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